Online Lessons

Online piano, saxophone and clarinet lessons (sometimes called Skype lessons) have many advantages over traditional face-to-face tuition.

Typical view online
  • Learn in the comfort and familiarity of your own home
  • Save time and expense travelling
  • More focussed use of time in lessons
  • Schedule lessons at more flexible and convenient times
  • Learn from anywhere – no need for a local teacher
  • No need for expensive equipment – a tablet or smartphone will be fine

One primary advantage is that students can learn in the convenience, comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. Although learning a musical instrument should always be pleasurable, most people experience at least a measure of anxiety with regard to their performance in lessons. By learning from home in an environment where one feels comfortable, such anxiety is minimised or even eliminated.

In addition, there is a considerable time saving by avoiding travelling. This extends to the lesson itself: by ‘warming up’ beforehand, meaningful contact and tuition time is maximised so that the time allocated can be used to maximum benefit and with more focus. Online lessons place more demands on the teacher, but this will mean that your teacher is even better prepared and able to tailor instruction to your personal needs.

However, working online also has advantages for your teacher! For example, it is easier for a teacher to fit lessons around students’ work schedules, especially if a different time is required each week. It allows more flexibility in the use of workspace, and reduces the impact on a teacher’s home or studio. All of this benefits the students, in that a teacher is more able to accommodate flexible scheduling requirements.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is that online learning eliminates the need to find a teacher near where you live. This is of particular benefit to English speakers living abroad, or those in remote rural locations. Even in more urban areas, many teachers have limited availability and require new students to join a waiting list. It is now possible to find a teacher able to accommodate your needs from anywhere in the world!

With regard to equipment needs, you may be surprised to learn that the requirements are modest, and you almost certainly already have what you need. In most cases, a tablet or smartphone will be perfectly adequate. It is noteworthy that most tablets and modern smartphones have better webcams and mics than even some of the more expensive laptop and desktop computers. For help and advice on setup, please see my Guide to Online Music Lessons.