Saxophone Lessons

All ages* and abilities welcome. I am based in Market Warsop in North Nottinghamshire, and teach primarily at my home.

Rates: £12 per half hour, £24 per hour

Learn to play sax!

Always wanted to play sax? It may not be as hard as you think!

As with any instrument, it takes time to master the saxophone. However, the sax is remarkably easy to get started making music with. From the very first lesson, you can begin playing tunes and duetting. I use a variety of teaching methods, depending on whether a student wants to play classical music or jazz, rock and other styles.

Although my training is classical, my family background is jazz – my father is a jazz trumpeter, and still gigging in his late seventies! If you want to learn jazz sax, I can teach the real thing, and get you ready to play solo or in a band. Learn how to read jazz notation, how to improvise, and how to feel the rhythm. When teaching jazz skills, my focus is on teaching to play ‘by ear’ and understanding how chord progressions underpin a melodic line.

For those who want to take exams, I teach both the ABRSM jazz syllabus and classical syllabus. There is a BIG difference between the two courses: although the classical exams usually include some jazz pieces, they do not include improvisation. If you can’t improvise, you can’t play jazz! For information about the jazz exams, see here.

Contact me now to arrange a free initial lesson and begin your journey into the world of music!